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Carbon fibre repair             video

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A 24 inch repair

These are the worst repairs have seen I have ever worked on. I could not believe it when they arrived to me what do you think? 

Part 1 One of the worst breaks I have seen

This is a no4 section with a full carbon wrap. There I very little weight added to the section and it will not affect the balance in the pole.  

This video shows the length of a carbon fibre repair and the quality of the job 

Part 1 this video shows that a slot puller can be converted to take any puller. 

Part 2 This video shows a top kit converted to a Preston side puller using carbon fibre I can convert them to take Preston, MAP, Vespe. 

You will find this video interesting 
It's of a repair from start to finish 

It’s been a busy week!

I have picked two sections and decided to make this video

          Another bad pole section repair. 
The customer was not happy so he sent the pole section to me to re-repair hope you enjoy my video

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