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North West Pole Repairs

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It’s a sad fact of life that accidents happen at the most inconvenient times. When you have experienced a rogue cyclist, a monster fish or a clumsy jogger thinks he can hurdle over your pole section and does not make it . You are left looking at your pride and joy, your favourite pole, crushed, broken, and out of action, (And thinking about your bank balance and the cost of a replacement). Do not despair.

Instead of laying out a lot of money for a new pole section and waiting forever for it to arrive at your tackle shop,  North West Pole Repairs can solve this problem and save you a lot of money.

Our skilled engineers will work their magic on your pole section and can even join two pieces together without inserts.
Our pole repairs are good looking slim and shiny – no carbuncles or sticking plaster jobs. All our work is guaranteed. We have some regular customers with up to five repairs on a pole section. They have saved themselves a fortune and the pole sections stand up to heavy match fishing use.
And the bonus is that most North West Pole Repairs are completed within 5 working days we all so give you a fast turnround with in 2 to 3 days if you are desperate so no long waits for sections to be ordered from your tackle shop.

Splits & Worn joints


Continuous use especially constant shipping and unshipping the pole sections will result in worn and damaged joints. There is no need to throw your section away.  North West Pole Repairs can repair those joints to a very high standard and they will often last even longer than the original. Vulnerable joints can be strengthened and joints can be beefed up for serious carp fishing.

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