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How to send your sections



Go to your local tackle shop and ask if they have any cardboard tube used for delivering rods and poles, most will be happy to provide free of charge. You can go to your local carpet shops and ask them for a tube they only throw them away and will be more than happy to let you have them.

Wrap your pole sections in bubble wrap or newspapers. Please do not send sections in rod tubes they are not strong enough. Do not forget to include your contact details in with your section.

Send via Royal Mail....if your parcel is more than 1.5 metres in length it can sometimes be refused this seems to vary from office to office if they refuse to accept them, try the links below as these companies will not refuse parcels over 1.5 metres.


Some of the companies to use are: 


They will collect from your home address or workplace parcel2go have a drop off service.

You can always contact me directly.         


If you have damage to a joint I will need the opposite section to make sure they fit together neatly.