4 Sectons with pullers 

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Reinforced carbon wraps to take a puller. These are a MAP puller

If you want a vespi puller fitted not a problem please sak   

selection of side pullers

preston side pullers

I had some sections last week. The customer sent them elsewhere to have side pullers fitted asked me to remove the carbon wraps as he was not happy with them I must admit they were not good enough as you can see in the photo.

I have removed the old wraps and put on new reinforcements. This involved me puttimg carbon wraps with a reinforcment cap on the sections. Then they were subjected to heat treatment before they were ready to take the pullers. Here is a photo of the sections ready for drilling and fitting a side puller. You can see that I have achieved a professional finish. I do not use kits.

A crop of pullers ready for action with a reinforced carbon wrap and a side puller bush fitted 

Some sections completed with wraps and side pullers fitted.

Three pullers converted from slots to puller side bungs 

To complete the conversions I had to strip off the original carbon-reinforced wrap from the sections by hand. The slots were then filled with new carbon fibre. Additional carbon fibre re-enforcement was added next before the section was ready to take the Preston puller. The completed sections are shown on the right.